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Operation Reclaimer

November 23 | 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


The year is 2037 and the war to end all wars has been the only truth that has been told for the past 17 years of slaughter. As the nation’s slowly recede back to their desolate homes not for peace but because there is, nothing to fight and survival is the only thing that matters now. But as the warriors, generals, and so-called hero’s return from their great crusade what they find is not a welcome home, but instead a hateful violent people ready to defend what they have fought so hard themselves to defend. Their land, families, and friends and are prepared to fight their very own military if that’s what it takes. As the military begins to unleash their hatred on their own unorganized civilians soon the “Homestead” rises a militia like faction of civilians who like their military counterparts swear to defend their homes, farms, and land now must fight against themselves merely to survive… here you stand in one of the last safe havens, on “the angels halo” the capital of the Homestead alliance. With death knocking at your door prepared to slaughter your sons, fathers, brothers, and sisters. All in the name of your own Family. Power. Corruption. Deceit. Is this your last stand? Or is this where you end their power-hungry trek? Instead this is where you end their petty alliance and finally control your own home. Or is this where your own crusade is stopped, and you must realize what you have done. Will you reclaim what you believe to be yours? Or defend what they swore to protect?


UNITED STATES MILITARY (Uniform) : An organized military force. Uniform should be matching (top and bottom). The color of gear (i.e. plate carrier, chest rigs, headgear) does not matter.

HOMESTEAD MILITIA (Uniform) : A rag-tag militia group. Uniform should be civilian style clothing (post-apocalyptic styles are encouraged). The color of gear (i.e. plate carrier, chest rigs, headgear) does not matter.



1000 (10:00 AM)
- Registration (Store) and Chronograph (Range) Starts

1100 (11:00 AM) - 1200 (12:00 AM)
- Safety / Team / Game Brief for Scenario 1

1220 (12:20 AM) - 1500 (3:00 PM)
- Scenario 1

1500 (3:00 PM) - 1600 (4:00 PM)
- Break Period

1600 (4:00 PM) - 1610 (4:10 PM)
- Game Brief for Scenario 2

1630 (4:30 PM) - 1800 (6:00 PM)
- Scenario 2

1800 (6:00 PM)
- Endex


Gate Cost
- $ 15.00

First Responder / Military Cost (Valid Documentation)
- $ 10.00


All normal center field and safety rules will be enforced throughout the event. The rules can be found here: http://mercerairsoftcenter.com/field-rules/.

All players must complete a waiver of liability for the season (2019) before they will be allowed to participate in any event on center property. The waiver can be found here: http://mercerairsoftcenter.com/2019-waiver/.



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November 23
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM