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Eye protection must be worn at all times while on the field which includes transit to and from the field. Eye protection must be fully sealed and cannot be designed in a way that allows airsoft bbs to pass through any gap that may exist along the outside of the frame. Players aged 17 and younger must also wear hard lower face protection, whether plastic or mesh, in addition to the standard eye protection requirement. Players aged 18 and older are not required to wear lower face protection but it is highly recommended.

What is not considered appropriate eye protection?
- Shooting glasses and mesh goggles are not permitted to be used unless they are being used in conjunction with each other. M-frame style glasses are permitted to be used when used in conjunction with helo kits.

What should I do if my eye protection starts to fog?
- If your eye protection starts to fog in a way that makes gameplay impossible you will need to exit the field in order to clear the issue. Going to a quiet area of the field is not acceptable as you may not be aware of others in the area and they may not be aware of you. Do not remove your eye protection until you have fully exited the field.


There are several safety zones located throughout center property which include, but are not limited to, off-field spaces such as the staging area, store building and parking lot. In these safety zones, replicas are required to be unloaded with magazines out, with the safety setting on and an approved barrel cover attached over its muzzle. Approved covers must be commercially made for the intended purpose and must be of a reinforced nylon or rubber construction. Devices such as gloves, plastic barrel plugs and socks are not approved covers and do not fulfill the requirement. Players are not permitted to remove their covers or insert their magazines until instructed to do so by a member of center staff.

When is a good time for me to clear my replica?
- Replicas should be cleared immediately upon the end of the round or before exiting the field. Players should remove the magazine from their replica, shoot several times on semi-auto towards the ground and away from other players, switch the selector to the safety setting and then apply their barrel cover to the end of the replica.

What should I do if I need to test fire my replica?
Players should only fire their replicas on the field or in the designated shooting range located in the staging area. Players are not permitted to test fire their replicas in any other area designated as a safety zone.


Replicas that are intended for use at the center are required to meet insurance mandated energy restrictions. Players are responsible for ensuring that their replicas fall within these restrictions before taking their replicas onto the field. Players are subject to random spot checks to ensure that they are in compliance. Intentional avoidance of these restrictions are grounds for a permanent ban from all future events held at the center.


Replicas are chronographed with provided 0.20g (non-hpa, non-gas replicas) or 0.32g (hpa, gas replicas) ammunition. Replicas can fall into one of several colored tiers which have different use expectations. Approved support variant replicas that do not have a semi-auto function classify under YELLOW tier regardless of the actual chronograph readout. Players should come to the chronograph station with both their eye protection and an empty magazine for their replica(s).

MED = Minimum Engagement Distance


1.48 J (0.20G - 400 FPS / 0.32G - 316 FPS)
- Maximum: Pistols, Shotguns
- MED - 0 Feet


1.67 J (0.20G - 425 FPS / 0.32G - 336 FPS)
- Maximum: SMG, Rifle, LMG
- MED - 25 Feet


1.87 J (0.20G - 450 FPS / 0.32G - 355 FPS)
- Maximum: Qualified DMR
- MED - 50 Feet
- qualified : SR25, PSG1, G3A3/G3A4/G3SG1, Dragunov (AEG / HPA), G28/HK417, SCAR-H SSR/MK 20, M14/EBR
- not qualified : M16, MK12 SPR, G3SAS/MC51, VSS/VAL, SCAR-L, Ruger 10/22


2.31 J (0.20G - 500 FPS / 0.32G - 395 FPS)
- Maximum: Bolt Snipers
- MED - 100 Feet

Does the center allow full-auto?
- The center is a semi-auto only field with exception to approved support variant replicas with real life counterparts. In addition, approved support variant replicas may not have a rate of fire (ROF) of more than 25 rounds per second (RPS).

Does the center have a maximum ammo weight restriction
- The center has a maximum ammo weight of 0.40g with exception to staff approval of heavier weights for use in sniper rifles.


Blind fire is not permitted. Blind fire is when you are shooting your replica without line of sight down your barrel. Players must be looking down their barrel’s line of sight and be behind their replica when shooting. This is to prevent injury and accidental MED violations.


Safety kills, also known as bang-bang kills, are a courtesy to other players but are not required. To call a safety kill your replica must be loaded, operable and pointed at the other player as if you were going to engage them. You announce loudly “safety kill” or “bang-bang”. The other player may take the “hit” or turn to engage you. In the case that the other player turns to engage you it is acceptable to engage them with a few shots. Under no circumstances are players allowed to fire within their chronograph minimum engagement distance. Safety kills are one of the most controversial points in airsoft. It is always better to shoot your target, given all safety considerations and requirements have been met, than to attempt a safety kill on another player.


The main action of airsoft is shooting at other players and being shot at in return. Airsoft is a hobby of honor that requires awareness, honesty and sportsmanship. We make it a point to ban players who intentionally ruin the spirit of the hobby.

What does it mean to be hit?
- You are hit whenever any approved airsoft projectile makes direct contact with any part of your body or gear. This includes flaps of cloth, backpacks, feet or fingers but does not include hits to your replica or ricochets off of hard surfaces.

What should I do when I am hit?
- You should loudly announce “hit”, raise your replica or hand into the air and pull out your dead rag and wave it so that other players know that you are hit. Once you start to move to respawn your dead rag should be placed on or held above your head. Depending on the game mode being played you may be required to wait to be revived or immediately return to spawn. These specific rules will be announced at each game modes briefing.

What if I’m not sure if I was hit?
- In all circumstances it is usually better to assume that you were hit than to not call it. There will be cases where you may not have been able to feel getting hit. It is best in most cases to let other teammates know if you noticed them being hit as well.

What am I not allowed to do after I have been hit?
- When hit you may not talk or discuss any part of the game until you have respawned back into the game. This includes radio communication. Dead men do not talk and doing otherwise is considered bad sportsmanship. Additionally, in game modes where “medics” are being used you are not allowed to be revived once you have already started to walk back to your respawn point.

What should I do if I need to leave the field?
- If you need to leave the field for any reason you can use your dead rag to mark yourself as being out of the game. If you are reentering the field you should have your dead rag on as you make your walk to your team’s specific respawn point.

What if I notice someone on the other team is not calling their hits?
- In order to avoid unnecessary player confrontation you are not allowed to directly call out the hits of players on the opposing team. This does not apply when the players are on the same team as you.

- If you suspect a player is not calling their hits the first appropriate response is to continue shooting at them while maintaining your chronograph minimum engagement distance and adhering to all other safety and game others.

- The next appropriate response is to report the player to a marshal (referee) with a red vest or to report the issue to a senior player on the opposing team. The marshals and most senior players at the center will look into these issues to ensure fairness and adherence to rules. It should be noted that an intentional cheating issue confirmed by senior players on other players on their own team will be met with an ejection and equivalent ban from center events.

- You should avoid player confrontation at all times while on the field. If you need to sit out due to frustration, do so. Being upset and confrontational about a potential issue does not solve the problem and may lead to the issue being agitated further. A marshal may ask you to sit out for confrontation if it is deemed necessary.

What can be used as a dead rag?
- Dead rags must be red, yellow, orange or pink in color. They are required to be bright in color so that they can stand out against surrounding nature and be visible for other players to know that the user of the dead rag is hit.


Grenades, whether they are of projectile, sound or smoke design, must be commercially made and have intended use for airsoft events. Additionally, all grenades must be cold burning in nature. We do not allow the original Airsoft Innovations 40-Mike grenade to be used at the center.

Projectile and sound grenades are considered “kill devices” which will kill anyone within a ten (10) foot radius of the explosion point. In addition to the ten (10) foot radius projectile grenades will kill any player outside of that radius who is hit by projectiles expelled from the grenade. There are no restrictions as to where projectile grenades can be used unless that projectile grenade also produces a loud report (boom). Sound grenades, including those projectile grenades that produce a loud report, can be used in most structures excluding connex container structures.

Smoke grenades cannot be black, orange or red in color. Additionally, smoke grenades may also not be used inside of any structure located on the field.


Riot shields must be commercially made. Shields can only be used with non-tapped (non-hpa) pistols and cannot be used with any other replicas. Players using shields are not immune from grenade explosions as they are not considered to be hard cover. Shields cannot be used to block doorways or windows. The use of shields is at the discretion of center marshals (referees) and can be allowed and disallowed based off of different game modes.


The center is an outdoor field and your clothing should match that environment. While center events (i.e. open plays) do not require a specific uniform players should always wear appropriate clothing such as long pants. The use of open toed shoes are prohibited on the center's field.

Center events normally separate players into two balanced teams and colored tape is used to designate those teams. We attempt to keep players in the groups that they came with when possible. Organizer (special) events may use uniform structures for their events and those structures, normally posted on the event page for that event, must be followed at all times.

Red clothing is not permitted for any individual other than center staff and event organizer staff.


The center does not have a minimum age requirement but there are conditions that must be met.

  • Players aged twelve (12) or younger must be accompanied on the field by a parent, legal guardian or specified responsibility guardian (as set by parent).
  • Players aged seven (17) or younger must have parental or legal guardian consent to participate in events at the center. This is normally implied through completion of the online waiver. The behavior and actions of all minors is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Players aged eighteen (18) or older have no requirements nor restrictions with exception to completion of the current season's online waiver.

All players must have a waiver signed, if you are under 18, a legal parent or guardian must consent on the waiver. You will not be allowed to play without a completed waiver.


Aggressive contact, roughhousing or physical violence is not tolerated at the center. Safety is a large part of airsoft and the main priority of the center and any physical altercations will result in immediate ejection from the center and an equivalent ban from future center events. That also includes threats of physical violence. The center also maintains a good relationship with local and state authorities and will report any instances of violent contact outside the scope of airsoft.


Real weapons are prohibited on the field. That includes firearms, knives longer than 3 inches or anything else designed to bring real harm or death upon others. This does include machetes, axes and other brush clearing devices. Plastic or rubber fake weapons are permitted to be used.

Substances that, by design or consequence, inhibit motor function and decision making abilities are prohibited from center property. That includes inhaled substances (i.e. marijuana), including those with a medical card exception, and alcoholic beverages. Violation of this policy will result in immediate ejection from the center and an equivalent ban from future events at the center.


Damage to center property, which includes obstacles (both natural and artificial) and structures, will be considered vandalism and will be handled through the proper authorities. Players who violate this policy will be immediately ejected from the center and an equivalent ban from future center events. If something is tied down, nailed down or secured in any form do not move it. It is there for a reason whether it be for game quality or player safety.

Likewise, cleanliness of the center’s staging area and parking lot is the responsibility of all players. We provide trash cans throughout the staging area and parking lot and ask that you clean up after yourself and also do not leave any of your trash on the field.