Are you looking to have a birthday, bachelor, business or group party with airsoft? We Would be happy to be the location of your event. Group events at the center take one of two forms: public or private. Public events are groups that join in with the publicly scheduled events. These events are controlled and managed by the center’s marshals (referees). Private events are groups the reserve complete use of the field for their slotted time period. These events are controlled and managed by the group itself.

All group events have a minimum of six (6) participants and a maximum of fifteen (15) participants (where rental equipment is needed). The maximum number of participants does not include participants who have their own equipment.


Admission (Per Player)

$ 5.00

Rental Package

$ 10.00

* Includes Replica & Protection

Individual Replica

$ 10.00

* When player has personal protection but needs a replica.

Individual Protection

$ 5.00

* When player has a personal replica but needs protection.

* Ammunition can be purchased in bulk in either bottles of 5,600 rounds or 2,700 rounds.

** The use of outside ammunition in our replicas is restricted and must be approved for use by our staff members at check-in.


Groups who want to take advantage of discounted pricing must schedule with the center beforehand. The discounted pricing does not apply to walk-ons. The deadline to schedule groups is always by the end of business on the Sunday prior to the preferred slot date.

While we do not require that groups inform us on their rental equipment needs it is highly recommended. When a group schedules we will automatically reserve a set of equipment for each player in the group unless we are otherwise notified. It is the group organizers responsibility to let us know whether they need more or less equipment. We are able to outfit a maximum of fifteen (15) players with equipment.

The use of personal ammunition is restricted in our replicas and must be approved before it can be used.

Yes! We do not restrict the food that individuals bring from outside of the center. We do require that groups help maintain center cleanliness in regards to the items that they bring.