Banner - Title - Field and Safety Rules


• Always assume that your replica is loaded.
• Never point your replica at anything or anyone that you do not intend to shoot.
• Never put your finger on the trigger of your replica until you are ready to shoot at your target.
• Know what your target is and what is beyond your target.



• All replicas are to remain on 'safe' while located in any designated safe zone. Players who need to adjust their replicas must do so in the designated shooting range.
• All magazines are to be removed from replicas while located in any designated safe zone. Pistols may retain their magazines but must be secured in a holster.
• All replicas (excluding pistols & grenade launchers) must have an approved barrel cover attached to the end of the muzzle while located in any designated safe zone. Approved barrel covers include reinforced nylon and rubber covers that feature an elastic band to hold the cover in place. Items such as socks, gloves or plastic barrel plugs are not considered to be approved barrel covers.
• At no point is any player permitted to dry fire their replica while located in a designated safe zone.
• All players are responsible for and expected to clean their trash prior to departing from the center.


• Players should know that the center does not actively require that players chronograph prior to participating in center-run events (such as Center Open Plays and Friday Night Airsoft). It is the individual player's responsibility to ensure that they meet the center's chronograph requirements prior to participating in these events. The center will provide necessary equipment to ensure that these requirements are met when requested. All players who participate in events at the center are subject to random field checks for chronograph requirement compliance. There are consequences for players who knowingly violate the center's chronograph requirements.
• Players should know that organizer events (such as military simulation, or MILSIM, and other special events) are required by center policy to chronograph all participants in those events. The center's free events (spring, summer and fall) are all chronograph events.


Ammunition Weight = 0.20G
• Permitted to Use (Auto) = Less Than 400fps

• Permitted to Use (Semi-Auto) = Less Than 450fps
• Not Permitted to Use = Greater Than 450fps

Minimum Engagement Distances
Support Weapons - No Less Than 30 Feet
All Other Weapons - No Less Than 15 Feet


Ammunition Weight = 0.20G
• Permitted to Use = Less Than 550fps
• Not Permitted to Use = Greater Than 550fps

Minimum Engagement Distances
No Less Than 100 Feet


Ammunition Weight = 0.30G
• Permitted to Use = Less Than 1.55 joules
• Not Permitted to Use = Greater Than 1.55 joules

Minimum Engagement Distances
Bolt Action Weapons - No Less Than 100 Feet
Support Weapons - No Less Than 30 Feet
All Other Weapons - No Less Than 15 Feet

Notice About Pistols
There is no current chronograph requirement for spring or gas powered pistols. In addition, there are no minimum engagement distances for pistols. The center retains the right, in any case, to refuse or revoke permission to use any item or replica deemed to be a hazard to the safety of players and center staff members.


• All replicas are not permitted to exceed 30rps (rounds per second).
• Replicas that exceed this limit are permitted to be used on semi-auto only. There are consequences for players who knowingly violate the center's rate of fire requirements.


• The bang-bang and parley system is a safety kill system. In view of the fact that the center permits the use of high-velocity replicas the use of this system by all players is mandatory. The lowest minimum engagement distance where the system must be used is 15 feet. It cannot be used at more than 15 feet. As a result, players using support weapons and bolt action weapons are recommended to utilize a pistol or secondary weapon that is permitted to bridge the gap.

Using Bang-Bang
• Three conditions must be met:
1. Your replica must be loaded and able to fire.
2. You must be able to see the player you are making the call towards.
3. Your replica must be pointed in the direction of the player you are making the call towards.
• When the three conditions are met, the player should yell "bang-bang". When used towards a group of players, the phrase must be used towards each player in the group. The player that the call is made towards should take their dead rag out immediately and wait or their bleed-out period (if any) to expire or to be healed by a medic (if any).
• When two opposing players use the bang-bang call on each other at the same time both players should use the parley call. Under parley, both players take our their dead rags and walk 500 feet in opposite directions. When that distance has been achieved both players should remove their dead rags and return to the action.



• The center does not restrict the use of full auto on replicas (some special events may restrict this) that meet the necessary chronograph requirements.
• There are areas of the field that semi auto is strictly required for safety purposes. Full auto is not permitted within thirty (30) feet of any building. Any shooting between buildings within the main village complex is required to be semi auto. Players may use full auto shooting into or out of the main village complex as long as the opposing player is not in another building of the complex or within thirty (30) feet of any building in the complex. 


• Blind fire is strictly prohibited at the center. Blind fire is defined as the player shooting without knowing what or where their target is. Examples include aiming replicas around corners and shooting without looking around the corner. Another example is a player holding their gun above their head over cover without having their head behind their replica to aim. Players must have their eyes of their targets and body behind their replicas when firing. 


• No more than two players are permitted to be in the second floor any tower at one time. The only exception are medics who may go into ‘full’ towers to heal a hit player which upon healing must exit the second floor of the tower.
• Players in the second floor of towers are considered ‘dead’ when the bottom floor of the tower is taken by the opposing team. All rooms on the first floor must be cleared. There is to be no shooting from the first floor to second floor or second floor to first floor in ladders rooms at any point.
• Sound grenades and smoke grenades are not be thrown into the second floor of any tower.


• Players should not remove, move or destroy any artificial or natural obstacle located on the field. Most obstacles are placed where they are for a reason.


• The center strictly prohibits player confrontation of any kind. Players are expected to act in a professional and sportsmanlike manner. Therefore, instances of hit calling are treated as unsportsmanlike and players who commit this may be asked to leave the field. Players are expected to seek out marshals and event organizers to resolve issues (including hit calling issues).
• The center is a family friendly facility. Therefore, foul and obscene language is prohibited.
• The center does not tolerate cheating of any kind.
• At no point shall players be in possession of the following items: ‘real steel’ firearms, fixed blades knives or other cutlery, pyrotechnics (i.e. fireworks), or hot burning and homemade smoke.


• All players must have eye protection that meets the ANSI z87.1 rating.
• All players must have eye protection that is fully sealed around the eyes with no openings that may allow projectiles to enter the eye section.
• Shooting, basic safety and workshop glasses are not permitted to be used. The only exception to this is when such items are used in conjunction with a full face mash mask.
• M-Frames are permitted for use when they are used in conjunction with the helo kit.
• Mesh goggles are not permitted to be used.
• Eye protection must be worn at all times when on the field from entry to exit. If a player loses or takes off their eye protection, other players or the marshal must call a ‘cease fire’ until the issue have been resolved.

If you find yourself in doubt about whether or not your eye protection meets the center’s requirements, ask!


• All players must have a dead (red) rag. The center sells these for a cheap cost. They can be anything from red shop towels to red handkerchiefs. These are used to indicate that a player is hit and not in play. Some center events (or time of day) will require that players use red lights to indicate they are hit. These items are also available for purchase from the center. They can be anything from red chemical lights to red flashing lights.