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The center's open play events are designed to be recreational and relaxed in nature and are open to players from all skill levels and experience.


1000 (10:00 AM)
- Check-In (Store) Opens
- Chronograph (Range) Opens

1115 (11:15 AM)
- Field Safety Brief (Briefing Field)

1130 (11:30 AM)
- Event Starts

1600 (04:00 PM)
- Check-In (Store) Closes

1800 (06:00 PM)
- Event Ends

1830 (06:30 PM)
- Store Closes


Game modes are designed to last anywhere between thirty (30) minutes to one (1) hour and are at marshal (referee) discretion. Breaks are designed to last anywhere between fifteen (15) minutes to twenty (20) minutes.

The center's goal is to hold as many game modes as possible during the allotted event time frame. Attendance at the field safety brief and each individual game brief is mandatory in order to be permitted to play. Those players who do not attend those briefs may not be permitted to join until the next game mode.


$ 5.00 (Until February 19, 2023)
$ 10.00 (After February 19, 2023)

$ 5.00 (After February 19, 2023)

* Weekends of Airsoft is a promotion where players who attend Saturday and pay full-admission cost can return on Sunday and pay half-admission cost. Players who wish to use this promotion must make it known at the time of check-in and must be verifiable from the check-in records from the previous day.


The center has replica and eye protection (paintball style mask) rentals available for players who need it. Players are asked to keep in mind that rental equipment is limited in quantity and that a reservation for equipment, which can be made at no additional cost, be made to ensure their needs are met.


The center excepts that all players have read and acknowledge the field and safety rules prior to their attendance at events. While these rules are covered during the field safety brief it is important that players check the rules periodically to ensure that they do not miss updated information. The center also requires that players complete the current year's liability waiver (2022) prior to their attendance at events. The waiver covers the entire calendar year and only needs to be completed once during the calendar year.