Reservation System: What is it for and how does it work?

We do not require players to “reserve” a spot for any public event. The requirement may apply to certain MILSIM events but the information of how and where to do so can generally be found in the event descriptions on our calendar. In regards to public events, the reservation (RSVP) system is used to gauge interest in an event and helps the center to prepare for events by the amount of people planning to attend that event. It also allows us to receive information on how many rental replicas we should except to have ready for the day. It should be noted that the reservation system that we employ is not completely accurate. We typically have more people show up at the center then we do who RSVP to the center. We always ask that players send us an RSVP in-order for us to best prepare your experience at our facility.
You can send us a reservation by filling out the form at this link.

We thank you for your support and help!