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The communist invasion is upon us and the current focus is a small dot on the map known as Mercer PA. The Russian invaders have been taking a lot of ground coming from the north and the next roadblock is being set in the small town of Mercer PA. Will the local population stand a chance against the red tide?

Red Dawn is back again at the Mercer Airsoft Center, in Mercer, PA. Red Dawn is designed to be an introduction to organized airsoft events for players of all levels. You will find first-time players and seasoned vets fighting on both sides. The event will have stricter rules to force players to work together to complete objectives and push through the challenges of the event.


0800 (08:00 AM) - Gate Opens
- Check-In (Gate) - Inside Store
- Check-In (Early Registration) - At Concessions Stand
- Chronograph - At Shooting Range

1115 (11:15 AM) - Event & Field Safety Brief (Mandatory)

1145 (11:45 AM) - Final Gear Check & Field Deployment

1200 (12:00 PM) - Game On

1800 (06:00 PM) - Endex

We ask that all players arrive early and ready to go! Registration, chronograph and air fill lines can become long as the check-in period goes on.

The morning brief is mandatory for all players who wish to participate in the event. If you do not attend it, you will not be permitted to participate until a member of event staff is available to properly brief you on everything that you need to know.

There is no meal break scheduled after the event has started. Players are encouraged to bring what they need onto the field with them but may exit the field at any time to rearm or take their own meal break. The center's store and concessions stand is open the entire day to fulfill those needs.


Early Registration
- August 2nd, 2023 - October 1st, 2023
- Receives three (3) raffle tickets and guaranteed placement on selected faction.
- $ 20.00

Gate Registration
- October 7th, 2023
- Receives one (1) raffle ticket and may be assigned to either faction based on event needs.
- $ 30.00



A fully equipped fighting force, focusing on fighting with all their might. They are a conscription-based outfit that has been seen wearing a multitude of modern load-outs to dated kits, and even filling in some gaps with scavenged equipment from the US population. The Russian team has no uniform restrictions with the exception of no Red uniforms or hats are allowed. Russians are required to wear YELLOW armbands, tape or IFF armbands on both arms before entering the game.


A militia bases outfit. Equipped with everything from hoodies and jeans, US surplus, high-speed western kits, and whatever else they have looted from the Russian invaders. Wolverines have no uniform restrictions with the exception of no Red uniforms or hats are allowed. Wolverines are required to have BLUE armbands or tape on both arms before entering the game.



In addition to the event specific ruleset the standard center ruleset will be enforced unless otherwise specified.