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Event Banner - Northern Fall II

Northern Fall II is an open-world experience event set in a post-collapse Canada.


1000 Hours (10:00 AM)
- Gate & Store Opens

1100 Hours (11:00 AM)
- Field Safety Brief

1130 Hours (11:30 AM)
- Event Starts

1800 Hours (06:00 PM)
- Rounds End

1830 Hours (06:30 PM)
- Gate & Store Closes

Northern Fall II is a continuous event and will not have scheduled breaks during the day. Players are encouraged enter and leave the field as they need.

The field safety brief is mandatory for players to participate. Players who arrive late will not be allowed to participate until they have been properly briefed by a member of event staff.

Our intention is to start the event at the time scheduled and players are expected to be prompt when called.


$ 20.00 (January 3, 2023 - March 5, 2023)

$ 30.00 (March 11, 2023)


The center has replica and eye protection (paintball style mask) rentals available for players who need it. Players are asked to keep in mind that rental equipment is limited in quantity and that a reservation for equipment, which can be made at no additional cost, be made to ensure their needs are met.



The uniform for this event civilian style or mis-matched military clothing.


Poker chips (provided by organizer) will be the currency for this event and can be earned by completing tasks, finding supply drops or by stealing them off of dead players.

Tasks examples include humanitarian aid, bounty hunts, good deeds and any other opportunities that arise during the event.

Supply drops will be in the form of random drops (ammo cans) that will include items such as magazine permits, chips, bandanas and water.

Large supply cache will be in the form of a set location (large box) that will change throughout the day with items and water.


Players will start the event with two (2) magazines. Poker chips can be used at the medic station to purchase additional magazine permits to add more magazines to their kit. As permits can be stolen by others players should have some way to stow their non-permitted magazines when not in use.


Red bandanas (provided by organizer) can be obtained by using poker chips to purchase them from the designated medic station or by stealing them off of dead players. Armbands already applied to players cannot be stolen.

Players can be revived twice by having any other player take an armband and having them tie it around either arm on the hit player. After being hit a third time, the player must return to the medic station and drink a bottle of water and to have any armbands removed.


The center excepts that all players have read and acknowledge the field and safety rules prior to their attendance at events. While these rules are covered during the field safety brief it is important that players check the rules periodically to ensure that they do not miss updated information. The center also requires that players complete the current year's liability waiver (2023) prior to their attendance at events. The waiver covers the entire calendar year and only needs to be completed once during the calendar year.