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TURF WAR is an official event run by the Mercer Airsoft Center and Mercer Ghost Milsim. A rivalry of sorts, TURF WAR will require both forces to compete over advanced and structured objectives. TURF WAR is an milsim lite and intro to milsim designed to be a good stepping point for players interested in higher levels of play without too much emphasis on the usual requirements of those levels. 


1000 HOURS (10:00 AM)
- Registration - Store
- Chronograph - Range

1130 HOURS (11:30 AM)
- Field Safety Brief - Mandatory

1145 HOURS (11:45 AM)
- Team Brief / Deployment

1200 HOURS (12:00 PM)
- Scenario ALPHA Starts

1330 HOURS (01:30 PM)
- Scenario ALPHA Ends

1355 HOURS (01:55 PM)
- Team Brief / Deployment

1410 HOURS (02:10 PM)
- Scenario BRAVO Starts

1540 HOURS (03:40 PM)
- Scenario BRAVO Ends

1605 HOURS (04:05 PM)
- Team Brief / Deployment

1620 HOURS (04:20 PM)
- Scenario CHARLIE Starts

1750 HOURS (05:50 PM)
- Scenario CHARLIE Ends

1600 HOURS (06:00 PM)
- Endex


Gate Registration :
- $ 20.00


We have replicas and eye protection (paintball style masks) for players who need it. We ask players to keep in mind that our rental equipment is limited in quantity and a reservation is recommended to ensure your needs are met.

More information, including cost, for rental equipment can be found here:
Mercer Airsoft Center - Rental Equipment


We expect all players to read our field and safety rules before they attend any event at our field. While these rules are covered during the field safety brief it is important that players check the rules from time to time to ensure they do not miss updated information.
More information about our field and safety rules can be found here:
Mercer Airsoft Center - Ruleset

We require that all players complete the current season (2021) waiver before they participate in any event at our field. The waiver covers the entire season and only needs to be completed once during the year.
More information about the waiver can be found here:
Mercer Airsoft Center - 2021 Waiver