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Event Banner - Red Dawn

An oddly warm October 1st morning would have been a great start to fall if it wasn't so populated with Russian troops. The town of Mercer PA has been occupied for over a year. Re-taking the town was a huge victory for us. The Russians have treated most of the town folk poorly and have rounded up everyone that needed to be reeducated. It’s terrifying to think about being locked up, but even worse to be dead. We have a plan to free those political prisoners - Wolverines

It’s warm here in Pennsylvania, not like back home. By this time of year, it would be close to freezing. These Americans have been pretty easily handled so far besides for a group called the Wolverines. They are a local militia. They must have been the Americans who didn't want to turn in their guns. They think they are so smart and strong. Well, we have a weapon to defeat their small arms. They have recently re-taken the town of Mercer and have built up a strong garrison. Rumor has it that some current and former marines are held up and helping lead the resistance. - Russian Forces

Red Dawn is designed as an intro to airsoft and to get new players into organized airsoft. The game will require red rags, bandages, and correct uniforms. Players with experience are encouraged to help less experienced players grow and learn the game.


Wolverines: An American-based force using a mix of Russian and surplus gear. Whatever they can find to fight the overflowing red tide. Uniform requirements: In the simplest term civilian clothes. Players can wear bright-colored shirts, tee shirts, and solid colors. Flannels as well as black. Jeans and solid colors approved.  Players cannot wear any camo patterns. No uniforms. NO red.

Russians: A full-strength commando fighting force. Using the latest in technology and equipment. Equipped with weapons from all around the world. Uniform requirements: Any camo uniform. No black and no solid colors. Players must have some form of camo top and bottom.

GEAR COLOR DOES NOT MATTER. Either team can wear any mix and match of gear, including guns, plate carriers, and chest rigs.


0800 HOURS (08:00 AM) - Check-In (Store) & Chronograph Opens (Range)
1115 HOURS (11:15 AM) - Safety Brief
1145 HOURS (11:45 AM) - Field Deployment
1200 HOURS (12:00 PM) - Event Starts
1500 HOURS (03:00 PM) - Lunch Break
1600 HOURS (04:00 PM) - Event Resumes
1900 HOURS (07:00 PM) - Event Ends

Please arrive early and be ready to attend the MANDATORY safety briefing. If you don’t attend you will not be permitted on the field until staff has time to go over the briefing with you.  Don’t be that guy everyone is waiting on.


Online Registration (July 25, 2022 - September 25, 2022):
- $ 20.00

Gate Registration (October 1, 2022):
- $ 30.00


We have replica and eye protection (paintball style mask) rentals available for players who need it. We ask that players keep in mind that our rental equipment is limited in quantity and a reservation (no cost) is recommended to ensure their equipment needs can be met.



We require all players who attend events at our field to read our field and safety rules. While these rules are generally covered at the safety briefing it is important that players check the rules from time to time to ensure that they do not miss updated information.

We require all players complete the current season waiver which is required to be completed annually.

We require all players complete the current season waiver which is required to be completed annually.