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Event Banner - Op Cold Start

Op Cold Start is a throwback event to some of the original Night Raven events run by Twinkie Force in the past.


0800 Hours (08:00 AM)
- Registration Opens (Store)
- Chronograph Opens (Range)

1115 Hours (11:15 AM)
- Safety Brief

1145 Hours (11:45 AM)
- Deployment to FOBs

1200 Hours (12:00 PM)
- Game Start

1700 Hours (05:00 PM)
- Game End

With the event's time table being shorter than usual there will not be a mandatory lunch or break period. We want to maximize play time and will run a continuous game period from 12:00 pm (noon) to 5:00 pm. If players need to step off to take a break they are free to do so.


Green Team
- Includes: aor2, atacs fg, black, cadpat, flecktarn, jungle tiger stripe, multicam tropic, olive drab, ranger green, woodland marpat, woodland (m81), vegatato

Tan Team
- Includes: acu, aor1, arid dpm, atacs au, coyote brown, dcu 3-color, dcu 6-color, desert marpat, desert tiger stripe, khaki, multicam, multicam arid, pcu gray

Note: Hunting camo will be allowed but will be taped for team balance.


Online Registration
- December 19, 2022 - February 19, 2023
- $ 20.00

Gate Registration
- February 25, 2023
- $ 30.00


The center has replica and eye protection (paintball style mask) rentals available for players who need it. Players are asked to keep in mind that rental equipment is limited in quantity and that a reservation for equipment, which can be made at no additional cost, be made to ensure their needs are met.


The center excepts that all players have read and acknowledge the field and safety rules prior to their attendance at events. While these rules are covered during the field safety brief it is important that players check the rules periodically to ensure that they do not miss updated information. The center also requires that players complete the current year's liability waiver (2023) prior to their attendance at events. The waiver covers the entire calendar year and only needs to be completed once during the calendar year.

For event specific rules click the button below.