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Event Banner - Northern Fall


An open-world event set to take place in the aftermath of the collapse of Canada.


Civilian (Public)
- civilian attire (no red)
- can use load bearing equipment (i.e. plate carriers, vests, chest rigs, etc.)
- cannot use support variant replicas (LMGs, HMGs, etc.)

United Nations (Invite Only)
- military attire (i.e. complete patterned uniforms)


1000 Hours (10:00 AM)
- Registration Starts (Store)
- Chronograph Starts (Range)

1100 Hours (11:00 AM)
- Mandatory Safety Brief

1130 Hours (11:30 AM)
- Event Starts

1800 Hours (06:00 PM)
- Event Ends


Early Registration (May 9th - June 12th)
- $ 20.00

Gate Registration (June 18th)
- $ 30.00


We have replica and eye protection (paintball style mask) rentals available for players who need it. We ask that players keep in mind that our rental equipment is limited in quantity and a reservation is recommended to ensure your needs are met.


Tasks, planned and random, will occur during the event for players to earn in-game currency. Players will be restricted to a certain number of magazines to start the event but can use the in-game currency to buy permits to use more magazines. Players can also use in-game currency to buy healing items.


We expect all players to read our field and safety rules before they attend any event at our field. While these rules are covered during the safety brief it is important that players check the rules from time to time to ensure they do not miss updated information. We require that all players complete the current season (2022) waiver before they play in any event at our field. The waiver covers the entire season and only needs to be completed once per year.