Event Banner - Friday Night Airsoft

Want the chance to play at night?

This event is public and all players, regardless of experience or skill level, are welcome to attend. This event is community-driven which means that it is run by the players in attendance.


1700 (5:00 PM)
- Registration (Store) and Chronograph (Range) Starts

1745 (5:45 PM)
- Field Safety Brief

1800 (6:00 PM)
- Rounds Start

2200 (10:00 PM)
- Rounds End

Round time periods are at the discretion of the players. Rounds may extend into low light conditions at which point the town lights will be turned on.

All players are required to attend the field safety brief. Those players who miss the field safety brief will be required to be briefed by a member of center staff, by availability, before they will be allowed to enter the field.


Gate Registration :
- $ 5.00


All players who intend on participating in low light conditions must have a red light to signify that they have been hit. The center has red chemlights available for purchase in the shop.

All normal center field and safety rules will be enforced throughout the event. The rules can be found here.

All players must complete a waiver of liability for the season (2020) before they will be allowed to participate in any event on center property. The waiver can be found here.