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Secret Wars of Siberia (Special)

January 26 | 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM


A Bad Company Milsim Production
In Association with Mercer Airsoft Center

In 2017, a group of political prisoners including a former deputy prime minister being held in Siberia escaped the famed Russian detention center with the help of Ukrainian rebels. The goal of these rebels was to get the deputy prime minister to the UN so that he can expose Russia's crimes and plans to the world. Upon discovery of his escape, prime minister Dmitry Medvedev and president Putin ordered a kill or capture order on the deputy prime minister and his associates.


This event is considered a micro milsim or milsim lite for players of all skill and experienced levels and backgrounds. With this the game structure will easy to follow and missions are expected to last around two (2) hours each.


** Tentative **

1000 (10:00 AM) - Registration Opens
1130 (11:30 AM) - Field, Game & Mission Briefing
1200 (12:00 PM) - Mission 1 Starts
1300 (01:00 PM) - Mission 1 Ends
1330 (01:30 PM) - Mission 2 Starts
1430 (02:30 PM) - Mission 2 Ends
1430 (02:30 PM) - Lunch Break
1600 (04:00 PM) - Mission 3 Starts
1700 (05:00 PM) - Mission 3 Ends
1730 (05:30 PM) - Mission 4 Starts
1830 (06:30 PM) - Mission 4 Ends
1900 (07:00 PM) - Mission 5 Starts
2000 (08:00 PM) - Mission 5 Ends

It is expected that it will be dark around 1700 (05:00 PM) so players should be sure to bring light sources or night ocular devices.


Regular -
• $ 20.00
Law Enforcement, Fire / Medical / Military
• $ 15.00
** Must have valid identification and / or paperwork. **


All standard Mercer Airsoft Center safety rules will be enforced. Those can be found here:

All replicas will be limited to semi auto with exception to approved support weapons. Replicas (non-support models) with box magazines do not qualify as support weapons. There are no magazine restrictions but mid-capacity magazines are strongly encouraged.

Fully sealed eye protection is required and must be worn at all times during missions. Rentals are available through the center on a first come, first serve basis.

All players must complete a waiver of liability for the season (2019) before they will be allowed to participate in any event on center property. The waiver can be found here: http://mercerairsoftcenter.com/2019-waiver/.


January 26
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM