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Op Prototype 2 (Milsim)

April 28 | 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM


A terrorist cell has recently obtained leaked blueprints for a prototype nuclear bomb. With assistance from other terrorist organizations they were able to gather enough funds to create a small scale version of the prototype bomb for testing. However, during the testing phase the bomb prematurely detonated, and threw radioactive debris all around the surrounding area. Once the United States heard news of this test, they deployed specialized units into the AO to retrieve as much radioactive debris as possible, and prevent the terrorist forces from rebuilding their weapon of mass destruction. Meanwhile, the terrorists scramble to recover the debris, rebuild their device, and route the US forces from the area.

Event Producer - Anthony LaBerto


This event is a public milsim (military simulation) event. Teams will battle in an objective driven event.


0930 Hours (9:30 AM) - Player Registration Starts (Store Building)
1030 Hours (10:30 AM) - Field Safety Briefing
1100 Hours (11:00 PM) - Event Starts
1700 Hours (05:00 PM) - Event Ends


$20.00 Per Participant
- Early Registration
- Valid Through April 22nd (11:59 PM)

$25.00 Per Participant
- Pay at the Gate


All normal center field and safety rules will be enforced throughout the event unless otherwise listed above. The rules can be found here: http://mercerairsoftcenter.com/field-rules/.

All players must complete a waiver of liability for the season (2018) before they will be allowed to participate in any event on center property. The waiver can be found here: http://mercerairsoftcenter.com/2018-waiver/.

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April 28
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM