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Op PantherKreig

October 14 | 9:00 am - 6:30 pm


Already several years into the war, the German army has caused mass devastation in the European Theater. Endless Blitzkrieg has proven the might of the Germans, and it seems as though their military might will go unrivaled. However, at the front lines of battle, a group of Allied soldiers makes a final push against the advancing Axis troops. They are the final platoon remaining in the zone, and failure will likely mean the loss of the entire region to the enemy. However, a victory here will help turn the tides of battle in their favor.

Event Producer – University of Pittsburgh Airsoft Team


0900 (09:00 AM) — Player Registration Starts (Store Building)
1000 (10:00 AM) — Chronoraph Starts
1100 (11:00 AM) — Safety & Scenario Brief
1120 (11:20 AM) — Field Deployment
1130 (11:30 AM) — Event Starts
1830 (06:30 PM) — Event Ends

• $20.00 (All Day)
– Pay-at-the-Gate

There will be several short breaks to reload and a longer one for lunch. The times for these breaks are dependent upon event progression.


A. Uniform
• There are no uniform requirements or restrictions. All players will be marked with different colored tape to designate teams.
B. Fire Selection
• All players will be permitted to use full-automatic.
C. Magazines
• All players will be permitted to use high capacity magazines.
D. Safety
• All center safety rules and requirements are in effect unless otherwise noted (rules).
Please Note
You must be chronographed and ready by the start of the safety brief. This is to ensure that the event starts on time and players get their worth out of the event. As a courtesy to event staff and more importantly, your fellow players, arrive with time to spare so that you may be properly equipped and briefed before playing. This is a matter of safety as well as respect.


October 14
9:00 am - 6:30 pm