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Op Marauder: The Movie (Special)

August 25 | 10:00 AM - 6:30 PM



In the wastelands of a post-apocalyptic world, resources are few and far between. The numbered survivors have banded together in tribes, roaming the lands in search of food and uncontaminated water. One of these tribes, having stumbled upon an abandoned city, find the area to be rich in these resources. However, while out scouting, they discover that they are not the only ones to realize the potential of the region, as another group has made camp nearby and is intent on claiming the area for themselves. As we follow the two tribe leaders waging war for resources, our story will focus on the development of a young fighter trying to navigate this new world and his companions in battle.


Marauder is an experimental game type. While gameplay will be run as normal, the entire event will be filmed using ground and aerial footage, and this footage will be used to create a short film featuring players from that day called Marauder. This film will be released for free. By attending this event you are consenting to be videotaped and have the footage used for this purpose. If you would like a special role in the film, please apply by indicating your preferred role in the status on the event page on Facebook. These roleplayers will play the games as normal, but will also be needed to shoot extra scenes in between rounds as relating to the plot of the film.

The players will decide how the plot of the film plays out. For example, if team A captures an objective, it will be portrayed as such in the film and the plot will proceed from that event. Players will be able to choose their tribe name and are encouraged to show up in their best “wasteland” kit, including melee weapons. Dramatic gameplay is encouraged, but remember; safety and sportsmanship are #1 and #2, and those will be enforced above all other game aspects.

Once again, this game type is experimental. If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns before or during the event, don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope this turns out to be a great game, and hope to see you on the field!

Players will be given one of three classes, designated by different color arm tape. These roles (except warlord) will be chosen at the event.

• Warlord - leader of each team
• Marauder – wastelands survivor. standard soldier
• Witch Doctor – able to heal soldiers through alternative medicine (medic)
• Berserker – “juggernaut” role – will be explained further at event

Roleplayers will play each game as they normally would. However, they will on occasion be asked to stage a scene during a battle or between rounds, and they will be featured prominently in the plot of the film. Each team will have the same set of roleplayers.

• Tribe hero/villain - “main characters” of film – gameplay will determine which is the hero and which is the villain. These players will undergo character development.
• Warlord - Leader of the tribe. Gives orders and stuff. Pretty self explanatory. Supporting role. (also functions as team CO)
• Companion 1 - stealth or assassin role. Battle companion of the hero or villain. Supporting role.
• Companion 2 - heavy weapons or assault role. Battle companion of the hero or villain. Supporting role.


1000 Hours (10:00 AM) - Player Registration Starts (Store Building)
1100 Hours (11:00 AM) - Field Safety Briefing
1130 Hours (11:30 AM) - Event Starts
1830 Hours (06:30 PM) - Event Ends


$ 30.00
- Gate Payment


All weapons are restricted to semi-automatic fire unless otherwise stated. If your weapon is not capable of semi-auto you will be required to fire in short bursts.

Be present and ready at briefing. If you are not PRESENT and READY at the start of the briefing, you will have to wait until the following round to join to ensure you are properly briefed, and to ensure the game runs on schedule. No exceptions.
You are expected to identify your target before you shoot. There will be game staff with bright vests walking the field with cameras, and drones flying above. DO NOT shoot them. You probably can’t afford to replace the equipment.

NO PLAYER will be allowed on the field without a barrel cover. If you are seen in the staging area with an uncovered barrel, you will be given a warning. A second offense will cause you to sit out the following round. A third offense is an automatic dismissal from the event without a refund.

We will randomly spot check guns (including pistols) for FPS throughout the day. If you are found to have raised your FPS above safe levels you will be dismissed from the event without a refund and you will be reported to center staff.

All normal center field and safety rules will be enforced throughout the event unless otherwise mentioned above. The rules can be found here: http://mercerairsoftcenter.com/field-rules/.

All players must complete a waiver of liability for the season (2018) before they will be allowed to participate in any event on center property. The waiver can be found here: http://mercerairsoftcenter.com/2018-waiver/.

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August 25
10:00 AM - 6:30 PM